How we work


How we work

We work to enable women and children to become leaders who initiate and sustain their own developmental change processes for sustainable development.


We do this through:

  • Forging community involvement in the design, management and control of interventions by establishing systems for inclusive representation of the target community members at the various levels of decision making and ensuring that community views are heard, and included.

  • Anchoring our programs on rigorously researched practices. We achieve this through conducting action research in partnership with relevant research institutions.

  • Strengthening local initiatives by reinforcing community participation, identifying communities’ own resource people, understanding their roles and establishing their capacities and abilities for community action. 


  • Establishing mechanisms of accountability to communities by NGOs and service providers; by advocating for decentralised policy implementation, service delivery and emphasizing policies that promote participation.


  • Including communities in planning, assigning of responsibilities as well as recruitment of project personnel.


  • Ensuring gender balance at every level of activity to ensure gender needs are voiced, considered and incorporated in project implementation.


  • Educating and sensitising donors to inculcate greater responsiveness to community needs.


  • Using the most appropriate technology in activities.


  • Identifying and working with anchors, prime movers, and champions of local initiatives and harnessing local institutions; reassembling community assets and strengths into new combination. Structure resources of income for new production possibilities. 


  • Paying attention to agenda-building and problem solving capacities of local residents, associations and institutions; emphasizing the local primacy of definition, investment, creativity, hope and control; and being more aware of social and environmental factors influencing the situation of people.

  • Educating citizens regularly on aspects related to democracy, good governance and accountability, their role in holding societal and political leadership accountable whilst working together as co-creators and partners towards deepening democracy in South Africa.

  • Mobilize citizens to participate in elections as part of their civic responsibilities and training them on democracy, voter education and election observations among other aspects.


Programme areas


Support to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC)

Gender Based Violence 

HIV Prevention

Environmental Management



Good governance

Active citizenship

Democracy and Electoral Processes


Community Development

We see every challenge as an opportunity, and this initiative helps us ensure that our partners are better prepared to manage the unique situations they find themselves in. We are invested in an innovative approach that empowers our community and delivers the support they need, when they need it.