Governance and Livelihoods agenda

Our Values

Bringing Change

  • Caring and Compassionate

  • Transparency and accountability in our operations

  • Selflessness, Honesty and Fairness

  • Efficiency and effectiveness in our deliverables

  • Innovation and excellence exemplified in our products

Vision and Mission

Our vision is a thriving society in safe and accountable institutions.

Our mission is to work with communities in creating a violence free environment in which each child and woman is cared for and respected. Thus, given a chance to become a leader in her/his own capacity.

Female Developers
Artist in Workshop


  • To deliver necessary care and support to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children

  • To promote and facilitate violence free communities

  • To support GBV and child abuse survivors, assisting with recovery and restoration.

  • Support and facilitate sustainable and holistic community development